January 24, 2018


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January 24, 2018

Save the Children office in Afghanistan hit by attack

At least 11 people have been injured in an ongoing attack on the offices of international aid agency Save the Children in Afghanistan. An explosion took place outside the organisation’s compound in Jalalabad, authorities said. Gunmen then entered the building. Local media have reported children at a nearby school were
January 24, 2018

Does Equality Exist?

As a First Nations person who grew up in Regina, Sask., I certainly have my fair share of discriminating stories. I got my driver’s licence around the same time there were a high number of vehicle thefts happening in the city. I will never forget my first week of driving,
January 24, 2018

Does Equality Still Exist?

Three servers from 1909 Taverne Moderne, a sprawling new sports bar next to the Bell Centre, have filed complaints with Quebec’s human rights commission alleging they were fired last week because of racial discrimination. All three told CBC they were given no clear explanation as to why they were fired. All
January 18, 2018

LA Clippers guard Austin Rivers speaks with Houston Rockets’ Trevor Ariza about heated confrontation

LA Clippers guard Austin Rivers said he and Houston Rockets swingman Trevor Ariza spoke for 35 minutes this week to hash out their differences after Monday’s heated confrontations on the court and later in the Clippers locker room. “First and foremost, me and Trevor have no problems,” Rivers told ESPN