March 18, 2018


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March 15, 2018

Marcus Morris, Boston Celtics lose Washington Wizards late

BOSTON — Near the end of 58 exhausting minutes of basketball, while most of the players on the court tried to simply catch their breaths, the Morris twins stood shoulder to shoulder on the blocks during a free-throw attempt, chatting away like they typically do when they cross paths on
March 15, 2018

What Made Him So Much Money?

The first slot machine was invented way back in 1899, New York. For better or worse, what followed was an eruption in popularity in favor of this eccentric machine of luck. It’s been over a decade now, and slots, as we like to call them today, have remained a staple selection
March 15, 2018

Now People Can’t Stop Sharing It

Slot machines account for 70% of all gaming revenue. That means there are a lot of people coming home with empty pockets after visiting the casinos. Slot machines are no longer used to keep the women occupied while the men bet the “real” money on table games. Slot machines now
March 15, 2018

Katy Perry surprises ‘Idol’ contestant with kiss and he says he was ‘uncomfortable’

FILE: Katy Perry seen at the 2017 MTV Video Awards in Inglewood, California.  (Reuters) Katy Perry may have thought she was being cute and fun when she planted a surprise first kiss on a young man auditioning for the reboot of “American Idol,” but the teen in question is now